Primitive manufactures solid wood tables using local hard woods and the old tradition of Tuscan joinery.
Each table is designed and produced in Tuscany by a young and dynamic team highly responsive to customer needs.
Our story
Primitive studio designs and manufactures unique tables made of solid wood only.
It was founded in 2013 by a group of friends with complementary skills who share a passion for design, art and their relationship with mankind. Since the beginning the group focused on the relationship between man and the environment, both domestic and public.
Focusing on traditions from the Casentino valley (Tuscany), the study begins around the chestnut wood as material and the table as a tool of our life.
Using wood to create unique tables, respecting humankind and its relationship with nature.
Primitive stems from the challenge of creating a table using only solid wood. Wood as material, joints as method, no nails or screws.
The line is pure, timeless, thick, with monolithic legs and digging deep for ancient knowhow.
The chosen wood is chestnut, the wood of our history, the one used by our grandparents. Semi-hard, with dense, fascinating and mysterious grainings patterns, as if pointing to our open yet guarded spirit. 
The table registers the primitive relationship between man and nature.
A table without nails or screws bases its structure on the joint. The joint draws the structure and defines the aesthetics: primitive and sincere.
Inspired by archaic techniques that analyze the single board and its potential, the joint directs our attention to the interaction between the different components.
The table acts as a catalyst for encounters and relationships, it helps building feelings, recording emotions. Primitive sees the table as a building block of our story: a unique piece, linking the wood to its users and workers.
Supply and production chain
Primitive is a small joinery workshop set in the Casentino valley: a valley in Tuscany that connects Arezzo with Florence.
The laboratory manages the design, production and marketing of their products and keeps a direct relationship with its suppliers, small local family-owned sawmills.
We test the product along the entire production chain and ensure its uniqueness through quality and transparency.
We approach sustainability from a life cycle standpoint rather than an environmental and energy-focused one.
The question becomes, how long is the life of a table?
Our table is strong, stable, made to last: it is created to record and tell stories. It is designed to appreciate in value over time, and to live a long time, ideally forever.
In a fluid society, this concept sounds difficult to apply. We relocate for work, we change home and suddenly the table is no longer the right one. Primitive wants to recover that table, which lived a first chapter of its story and is ready to begin a new one.
Caring about both the material and emotional value of the product, we can create something with a longer life and, therefore, a more sustainable one.